Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nursery Before "the junk room"

This is what our extra bedroom used to look like.  White walls with weird popcorn texture (but only some and only in some places), plus the super tiny border at the top.  Did anyone know they made borders that small?? I certainly did not.  We used this room for storing junk.  It was set up to look like it maybe could be a spare bedroom with a bed and tv, but was never used that way.

This was also my getting ready space.  All my hair stuff, makeup, perfumes, lotions, jewelry, and whatever else went in this room.  Also to the left of this picture was Holly's crate, which she hated. 
This was also my shoe and hat storage, since our little closet barely holds our clothes. Throw in a few wedding gifts that went unused, and a few odds and ends that we couldn't find a proper home for... now you've got an idea of what this room held.

Now here's a little bit of what condition the room was in!  Our house is from the 40's, so it's in need of some touch ups in most rooms.  FB has done quite a bit, but there's still plenty left to be done.

 The weird gap/crack between ceiling and wall was an easy fix with crown molding.
 This is what the poor hardwoods look like!  I can't believe anyone would let this happen to beautiful old hardwoods.  We decided to recarpet it since we were running low on time and mulah.
 The ceiling was peeling from when we had a leak.  Leaks are no more since last fall's new roof! Yay!
 FB took the ceiling fan down and I love the new one that is there now.
This is more of the ceiling, after a lot of work patching, before the sanding and painting happened.

Stay tuned tomorrow is the big reveal of the room renovation.  Also in the next week or two there will be a post which includes furniture. I can't tell you how nice it feels to have the room almost ready!!

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Jessica Renee said...

AGH I'm so excited for the reveal!!! That is sooo much work and you're lucky to have a handy hubby! :)