Friday, June 3, 2011


It's been a CRAZY week!!

1. End of regular school.  Our last day of school was Wednesday.  It was supposed to be Tuesday, but last week we missed a day for flooding.  It was crazy with awards assemblies and packing up and changing rooms to prepare for summer school.  Oh yea... and we had to blow up a billion little arm floaties for the little swimmers we'll have in summer school.

2. Beginning of summer school.  We started Thursday... yes that is the very next day... no break for this tired teacher!  Yesterday was an absolute zoo!  I'm doing Title for summer school, which basically means I don't have my own class of kids.  Since I don't have a class... I get pulled away to do anything that needs done urgently.  It was bus number information yesterday.  I spent most of the day in the office answering phones so the poor secretaries could try to figure out every single child's bus number.  The bus company failed to mention different bus routes due to summer school.  You'd think that would come up at some point before the day of... but hey what do I know.

3. FB is out of town.  Well actually at this moment he should be arriving back here.  He took his FFA kids to state convention or something.  Have I mentioned this is his 4th trip in a month??  So glad he's home for good this afternoon!

4.  Ducks.  When FB's out of town I'm in charge of all things living.  I'm not sure that is a job I should really be trusted with!  I don't really have to do much with them.  Just keep them fed and watered, but at 6:15 when you're trying to get yourself out the door it seems like a LOT.

5.  Fun stuff.  I'll end this crazy post with the fun part of the week.  Apparently I acted pathetic enough about FB leaving me all alone... so my mom suggested we go to a movie.  It was a nice celebration for the end of the school year.  My mom and a sweet coworker took me out on a "date."  We ate at the best Mexican place, then went to see Something Borrowed.  It wasn't until we left the theater and my coworker mentioned that it had been a book that it all clicked!  I'm slow sometimes... as if y'all hadn't figured that out.

My parents also had the weekly dinner.  So I got to see my chunky monkey nephew and one of my sweet neices.  Dad grilled chicken on a beer can and other yummy stuff.  It was a good distraction for me, and I never had to cook for myself.  That really is the best part. :)

Have a great weekend!!  Giveaway starts next week!!

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Jessica Renee said...

Sounds like you've been busy!! I'm glad your honey's back for good and I hope summer school isn't always that crazy!