Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leavin on a jet plane

Sorry for my blog absence lately.  This has been a super crazy week and weekend.  As you know I'm moving back to Missouri in June, so I came home for a quick weekend trip.  I took Friday off school, so Wednesday and Thursday were busy getting myself ready to travel and my class ready for a sub.  Friday I flew into the Tulsa airport.  I have never had any delay, cancellation, turbulence, or really any other major reason to dislike flying up until now.  I still cannot complain, but I was close to real distress.  We all get boarded in Dallas just fine, then just about the time we should be shutting the door and heading down the runway they come over the system to tell us that the Tulsa airport is shut down for weather.  We are basically stuck on the plane in Dallas with no further information.  I immediately go through a mental montage of all the news/dateline/60 minutes episodes about passengers stuck on planes for hours and hours without any hope for going anywhere or getting off the plane.  Yes, I know, that's a little drastic, but that's my immediate thought.  Luckily I had my ipod, so I played the music quiz thing on there for a while.  Thank Heavens we were only grounded for about 20 minutes, and landed just fine in Tulsa about 12:30.  Just in time for me to meet my parents, who were so sweet to rush me over to the school I'll teach for next year.  Since I'd interviewed over the phone, I still needed to meet the principal along with the rest of the staff.  After that meeting and tour of the school, my sweet parents rushed me to Farmboy's house so he could take me to his banquet!  Friday was filled with lots of rushing, but the whole weekend was a lot of fun.  I'll post more on that once I get back to Dallas, now I'm off to chit chat with the parents before they take me to the airport.


Adventures in Newlywed said...

You're welcome...glad you're back :)Heart you.

Cee said...

Yikes that sounds crazy! Love you blog, I just became a follower!