Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well this weekend was productive.  I got started with a little bit of packing Friday.  Followed by a less productive brunch and shopping with the girls, but it was definitely called for!  I mean really, I only have a week left in the city I need to take advantage while I can.  After that I had a small break down Saturday, including lots of tears but ending happily thanks to my incredible bestie and perfect (for me) boyfriend.  Today has been much less emotional and much more productive!
See?  The stack is almost taller than me.  That stack is from my closet and dresser.  I have too much junk!  The vacuum sealer bags helped some, but I still have a lot!  Really though, if you don't have those vacuum bags go get them!  In the box you see there is: a large down comforter, queen quilt, throw blanket, a huge bag full of sweaters, all of my fleece pajama pants, and long sleeve pajama shirts.  Before the vacuum sealer the sweaters alone took up one tub and the down blanket took up another.  Coolest invention ever!
This is the crazy mess that I call a living room.  There is a table back there somewhere.  Holly is looking more and more nervous as the weekend has progressed.  I believe her anxiety level goes up with each box.
For all of you who are not as crazy about their pets, you're probably thinking...really??  This chick is actually talking about her dog's anxiety... I say to you, why else would she hide under the bed?  OK so she'll be fine, but she has been extra clingy.  If she's not under the bed she's attached to my hip or under my feet.  I almost kicked her several times today.  That's why she'll be going to the "spa" when the professional movers come!  She'll finally be able to see without the bangs again.

I'm dreading this room!  Haven't even begun.  It's the wrapping everything breakable that I really hate!  Any suggestions to make this less tedious?  I need to just force myself to get started... maybe tomorrow after work. :)


julie said...

For the kitchen, there are packages you can buy that are specifically for dishes and glasses. They have these sleeve things where you just put the glass into the sleeve and then it has dividers so each class is in it's own area in the box.

Adventures in Newlywed said...

I'll help you with the kitchen on Tuesday, strangely enough that's my favorite room to pack... We'll stay up late and make a party out of it :)

Told you the vaccum bags are AMAZING!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

When I moved my dog acted the same way, he hates any kind of change! I'm sure your little lady will have a wonderful time at the spa while the movers do their thing!