Friday, June 19, 2009

Artificial Incimination

This week has been chalk full of new experiences... I learned about pulling noxious weeds (musk thistles), driving a tractor, behavior of cow mamas, and AI.  In the past I've only been exposed to AI in humans, when families have trouble having kids.  And in horses for breeding.  A lady I worked with would send her horse to the vet for a week or so for this process.  I just assumed this was the same with all animals needing artificially inciminated....  I assumed wrong.  Apparently you don't need a vet at all.
This is a collection of frozen sperm from various bulls.  Kept in straws and neatly labeled for easy identification all in a semen tank.  You pick the straw from the bull you like, Farmboy picked "Beer for my Horses."

Then you stick it in your armpit for defrosting.
Then ya stick it where the sun don't shine...  They made fun of me for staying on the other side of the pin.  I blamed it on the muddy mess of the pin, but the fact that FB's brother's arm almost completely disappeared didn't make me want to rush over there to get a better pic either.  I'm sure you appreciate that as well. :)  I was amazed at how calm the heifer stayed through the whole process.  She barely moved at all.  

Sometime soon I promise to post a bunch of pictures of all the super cute animals running around there too.  They have sheep, chicks, piglets, and lots of calves right now.


Cee said...

ewww...but interesting.

definitly don't feel like I ever need to witness that!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Oh, this makes me want to vomit. Maybe it would be better if I had a glass or five of wine before reading this...