Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday FB and I headed to my parents' house for dinner.  My brother and his family joined us to celebrate my daddy.  Brother and I were in charge of snacky kind of foods for dinner, so Dad wouldn't have to do anything.  I thought I'd post about my daddy since we're in the Father's Day mood.

This is Dad's baby.  He's been working on this 1951 Willy's since I was in high school.  We joked about it being my graduation present.  It definitely was not ready for that graduation.  It wasn't ready for my college graduation either.  However it was really close.   He loves tinkering on this thing.  He pretty much built it from the ground up.  The frame is 70 something Jeep, the engine is from a buick or something.  The Willy's is definitely a mishmash of things.  
My dad's interests are as much a mishmash as the Willy's.  He really gets into my nieces' sporting events, cooking, geocaching, camping with my mom, and the Willy's.  Recently he's become a wine connoisseur and an exercise buff.  I can only hope and pray that I can raise my future kids as well as my parents have done for me!  They're both amazing.  Happy late Father's Day everyone, go hug your dads again!

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