Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Talking Tuesday

OK this week I want to do something a little different for Talking Tuesday.  I want everyone to ask me a question, and I'll answer them.  Unless you ask something overly personal or something.  Here's something different to add to the mix.  Whatever you ask, I want you to answer your question about yourself.  That way we all get to learn about each other, or something like that.  If you want to ask more than one, ask away!  Just don't forget to answer the question too.


Adventures in Newlywed said...

Ok, here's my question: What are you going to miss most about living in Dallas?

So I guess I'll answer in the form of "What will I miss most about YOU living in Dallas" - which would have to be you participating in our fun Saturdays with all the girls! You will definitely be missed *sniff*

Cee said...

Ok I have a question for you! I know you posted about a book you and FB were reading about getting engaged so I wanted to ask you if you think you will be getting engaged soon? Do you guys have a plan/timeframe or do you think he will suprise you?

I hope that isn't too personal! I have been with my boyfriend for a long time and we talk about getting married in couple years, he is bad at suprising me so I am sure I will know when he is going to propose but I would love to be surprised.

Love you blog!