Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Newest Find

White House Black Market had this perfect skirt on sale last night!  I went to Northpark for one last excursion.  I won't be able to truly shop in Missouri without driving an hour or two.  We have a Northpark too, it has Old Navy not Gap, Macy's not Barney's, and the dollar jewelry store not Tiffany's.  It's a whole different kind of mall.  I will miss White House, Gap, Dillards, and Anthropologie.  However, I will not miss the prices, if it's not close by I will definitely spend less.  So that's a bonus.

Please don't forget about Talking Tuesday.  Ask away, I will answer questions tomorrow.  So far I've got two questions and I look forward to answering them and hopefully a few more!
Have a good Thursday everyone.