Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Parents, pumpkins, and planning

Mom and I went shopping today.  Yay!  I love the opportunity to hang out with either of my parents, especially when it involves possibility of free clothes or food.  I got a little of both!  Mom wanted my opinion on furniture and clothes at the mall.  She also took me to Banana Republic.  I found a really cute outfit for school when it starts back up.
A really fun tshirt that has a cool neckline.  This is close to the same thing.
Mom bought me these pants, she really wanted to get a pair of capris for me too.  She really liked them because they made me look super skinny.  I however, would not let her buy them because the capris hit me just barely above the ankle, not sure who that flatters definitely not me!
I almost bought this one, but decided on the pink instead.  This one did not hang on me quite like it does on this chick.

After shopping I picked up my bff from high school and my 2 nieces.  We went up to the farm to plant pumpkins for their pumpkin patch.  We planted 324 hills with 3-5 seeds in each hill.  That's a lotta seeds and a lotta pumpkins!  Hopefully this will keep FarmBoy from having to make any trips to buy more pumpkins to sell at the patch.  Yes, I realize that sounds silly... but they did it last year.  Hopefully not this year.  

Now I'm planning what to pack for our family reunion.  FB and I leave tomorrow afternoon, so I've gotta get busy tomorrow early!  I'll be at the lake for the reunion all weekend.  I'll be back next week with lots of goofy stories I'm sure.

Have a great weekend!


Cee said...

gotta love shopping with mom! have a great time at your reunion!

jen + ryan said...

so jealous of your banana republic shopping trip! that store is my mecca.

Mary said...

Cute stuff! Love BR!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Not a huge fan of BR (not nearly enough metallics, florals, or sequins), but love you! (and that pink tee is cute :)