Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"We'll Miss You" get-together

My dear Dallas girls gave me a send off last night.  It was all my fav things... movie, queso, salsa, chocolate chip cookies, and friends!  Cathryn, Steph, Jen, and of course Bestie were all there.  Cathryn was kind enough to do the hostessing, and the rest of us were kind enough to show up and eat. :)  We watched New in Town, and I'd forgotten just how funny it was.  We also laughed a lot because my bestie is a little like a wind up toy when she's wound up.  After spending her afternoon in a hospital waiting room wound up was an understatement.  She and I sat in the chair making comments while the other 3 tried to hear the movie... sorry ladies. :)
After the movie, bestie came back to my apartment and helped me pack.  Of course she poured herself *and me* a drink to help us with the packing process.  She knocked out most of my kitchen in a little under 30 minutes!  That girl is a packing fiend!  I wandered around and got about 1 box done during that same time.  We then crashed, turned on our college favorite The Sweetest Thing, and promptly fell asleep.

Thanks for the wonderful send off ladies, I will really miss our Saturdays!!


jen + ryan said...

heyyyyyy what about polka?? it's got something for everybody!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

lol oh Jen you crack me up! okie doke then

Adventures in Newlywed said...

A wind up toy? Really? Not an octogenarian whore? :)

One more thing: "Honey, I think you're pregnant". (jk!)

And please pass the tapioca.