Monday, June 8, 2009

Questions from Talking Tuesday, Answered on a Monday

Good morning everyone,  I'm hanging out at my parents since I can't get into my apartment.  So I thought I'd better post answers to my questions from Tuesday.

1. My Bestie asked:  Ok, here's my question: What are you going to miss most about living in Dallas? 
This one is super easy.  I will miss her the most, followed by the rest of the Dallas Girls!  Things I will miss about the actual metroplex of Dallas are:  Mi Cocina, Studio Movie Grill, roads with more than 2 lanes going the same direction, the shopping, and the warm weather was nice this winter.

2. Cee asked:  Ok I have a question for you! I know you posted about a book you and FB were reading about getting engaged so I wanted to ask you if you think you will be getting engaged soon? Do you guys have a plan/timeframe or do you think he will suprise you?
Farmboy and I have talked a lot about our future.  We haven't really gotten specific about a timeframe though.  Over spring break this year I asked him when we were getting married.  I think I shocked him a lil bit.  We decided it was important to live in the same town for a while before we get engaged.  At that time we talked about getting engaged a year or so from then.  I think we'll probably get engaged sooner than that, but I don't know.  He knows I want a surprise, and I want the engagement story to be a good one.  He's romantic enough to plan a great surprise when the time is right.  We've also talked about being engaged for at least six months for the church pre-marital counseling as well as the wedding planning.  I would marry FB tomorrow, next month, or next year, I just know we're right for each other so the timing doesn't matter much.  As long as he doesn't wait too long, then I might keel over from anticipation.

Hopefully that answered your question.  Bloggy friends feel free to post more questions, it makes my job of thinking of things to post about soooo much easier! 

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Cee said...

Thanks for answering the question! I feel the same way about making sure you live in the same town for a while...I'm sure he will plan a great surprise!