Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holly has Fun on the Farm

We took Holly to the farm because I knew we wouldn't be there too long.  This adorable calf was there to greet us.  Several of the cows are having calves right now.  They're so cute and small... well small comparatively speaking.  Did you know cows babysit for their friends sometimes??  I didn't until this week.  There were two calves following one cow.  I really didn't think that they were twins, so I asked FB.  He said that she was babysitting while the other mother grazed a while.  Who knew?  Not me... but really that doesn't surprise me.  I continue to realize just how little I know about farming.  I told FB's 8 year old nephew he knew more about cows than me, and he couldn't believe it.  He should know me well enough by now, but he wasn't in the mood to teach. :)
Holly was running around the house with the kids.  Each one took turns holding the leash while they all ran, and ran, and ran.  
I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or Holly.  Look at that smile!
She was exhausted when we left.  Also while we were there, I learned what the AI process looks like for a cow.  I'll save that for another post.  I promise no pictures that will gross you out.  Hope everyone's doing well.  So glad to be back reading blogs and keeping up with what's going on!

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Cee said...

That's pretty cute about cows babysitting for each other! I never knew that either...