Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Crazy Class

I've decided after such a random day, I should inform you how amusing kids really can be.  I know there's whole shows based on this fact: Kids say the darnedest things, America's Funniest Videos, but when you spend every day with them it just is that much more amusing.

Today we were working on a reading group project.  
One boy to another: "It's science, S I N C, SIENCE."  said very emphatically while waving his hands with each letter.

Other boy:  "Do you hafta use your hands and everything?"

Me:  "You both need to look up science in your important words book.  And that has nothing to do with what you should be doing right now."

My class is often off task!

Rambunctious boy to Loud guy: "I'm going to put a bomb at your house."

Loud guy to Rambunctious boy: "Well I'm staying with my mom anyway!"

Sweet girl to Me: "They're talking about splodin each udder!!"

Then I had to go into a whole discussion about why talking about bombs and the like is a bad idea.  My kids this year really have a hard time choosing kind words instead of being silly. 

Younger sibling waiting to be picked up at end of the day: I got bleeded today!

Me: What happened?

Sweet little sister:  I don't know.

Me: Well it looks like you got it all fixed up. (pointing to band aid)

Sweet little sister:  Yea I just falled on the wood at recess.

This all happened after she decided to poke me in the back of the leg to get my attention.  This is the only conversation I've ever had with this little sweetheart.

I think I'll stop there for now.  I'll make sure to update you if anything super funny happens tomorrow.

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