Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday with the Girls!

The girls and I decided to meet at the Cheesecake Factory!!  YUM!
While we were waiting for Adventures in Newlywed, we decided to order this.  We didn't exactly read the menu too well.  It said the cheddar cheese dip was chilled, we totally didn't read that!  We were expecting queso, so when this landed at the table it was an interesting surprise.
We had to try it simultaneously, it was basically pimento cheese spread.  I ordered white chicken chili.  It was so tempting I forgot to take a picture til I'd had a few bites.  Speaking of tempting, I didn't even get a shot of the peanut butter cup cheesecake we gobbled.
After lunch we went shopping for the dress mentioned here.  We found a couple cute choices, but not the perfect one yet.  After we'd warn our poor bestie out with all the trying stuff on, then we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens.  How fun!  It was pretty enjoyable.

In other news... my class will have their standardized testing this week.  Which means a fairly low key week in the planning, grading department, but a week that will fry their poor little brains like a twinkie at the state fair!  Hope everyone has a great week.


Adventures in Newlywed said...

Woohoo! It was so much fun - thanks so much for helping me dress shop :) Love you and Miss S.!!!

Rob and Amy said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Cheesecake Factory. Love it Love it, Love it.